Latest Generation – MagneTile Coming soon!

  • Magnetic Fastening
  • All-in-One Porcelain Tile – ready to install


Second Generation – TacFast® Hook Plates & Discs

  • Hook & Loop Fastening
  • Hook Plates and Discs attach to form 100% hook coverage on floor
  • Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Wood products with 100% loop coverage on underside


First Generation – TacFast® Carpet Hook Tape System

  • Hook & Loop Fastening
  • Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive at perimeter & seam format
  • Carpets and/or carpet tile with 100% loop coverage on underside

What is MagneTile?

Through innovation and precision engineering, MagneTile is a ready-to-install tile, specifically designed to methodically resolve today’s fundamental issues during the conventional  installation of ceramic and porcelain tile.

A decade of extensive research and development has led to the creation of an innovative new product, eliminating 80-90% of conventional costs, time, and upheaval to install ceramic/porcelain tile.



  • Magnetic Locking System
  • Pre-Attached Grout
  • Tongue & Groove Connection
  • Reinforced Porcelain Tile

MagneTile Features:


Magnetic Locking System: Permanent magnets ensure precision alignment for a secure and seamless connection during installation.


Pre-Attached Grout: Engineered polymeric material pre-applied to tiles eliminates the need for on-site grouting, providing uniform spacing.


Tongue & Groove Engagement: Interlocking tongue and groove design ensures a tight fit, no lippage.


Reinforced Porcelain Tile: High-density porcelain material is reinforced to withstand high impact, rolling, and static load, suited for residential and commercial settings.


  • All-in-One product manufactured with everything required for installation of a tile product
  • Unprecedented Savings for Consumers
  • Quickest and easiest method of tile installation – 20x to 50x faster to install than regular tile (100 sq ft in 5 minutes)
  • No upheaval or downtime – clean, safe installation
  • Installs over finished or unfinished floors – remove product and re-use with ease

Two-Part system

  • Hook Plates and Discs


  • Surface Coverings with 100% loop on the underside to attach to Hook Plates and Discs

TacFast® Hook Plates & Discs System



  • Hook Plates and Discs interconnect to form contiguous floor substrate with 100% hook
  • Fully free float system, not attached to sub-floor
  • Surface Coverings with 100% loop on the underside to attach to Hook Plates and Discs

Benefits: Installation Superiority

  • cost-effective
  • easy & fast to install
  • free-floating system
  • easy to maintain/repair/replace
  • minimal to no floor preparation
  • install over any existing hard surface

Benefits: Sustainable Materials   

  • Manufactured from inert polypropylene resins – recycled content now available
  • Reusable
    • Surface coverings can be reclaimed, reused or repurposed because of hook & loop engagement
    • Hook Plates & Discs can be used for multiple surface installations
  • Recyclable
    • Hook Plates & Discs recyclable closed loop sustainability
    • Surfaces totally free of installation contaminants

Our Installations:

Two-Part system


  • Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive


  • Carpets and/or Carpet Tiles with 100% loop coverage

TacFast® Carpet Hook Tape System



  • 4” Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive installed in a perimeter & seam format


  • Semi-free float system, attached to sub-floor only at perimeter and seams



  • Designed to last for multiple changes.

Use the hook tape for repeated changes of the carpet tiles.


  • Ease of removal.

Remove or replace the carpet tile at any time easily and without cost or mess.


  • Easy access to the floor.

Access the sub-floor as necessary for maintenance, renovation or to clean the carpet tiles.


  • Environmentally friendly.

Eliminate using liquid adhesives in installation with the consequent reduction in VOC emissions.


  • Functional flexibility.

Replace heavy traffic areas as required saving on the need to change the entire floor area.


  • Simplified installation.

Make multiple attempts during installation without compromising the carpet tile.

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