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TacFast® Carpet System

What is the TacFast® Carpet System?

Two-Part system:

● Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive
● Carpets and/or Carpet Tiles with 100% loop coverage


● Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive installed in a perimeter & seam format
● Semi-free float system, attached to sub-floor only at perimeter and seams


Designed to last for multiple changes: Use the hook tape for repeated changes of the carpet tiles.

● Ease of removal: Remove or replace the carpet tile at any time easily and without cost or mess.

● Easy access to the floor: Access the sub-floor as necessary for maintenance, renovation or to clean the carpet tiles.

● Environmentally friendly: Eliminate using liquid adhesives in installation with the consequent reduction in VOC emissions.

Functional flexibility: Replace heavy traffic areas as required saving on the need to change the entire floor area.

Simplified installation: Make multiple attempts during installation without compromising the carpet tile.

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