Generations of Simplifying the Process of Installation.

TacFast Systems International

About TacFast

TacFast Systems Canada Limited is a Canadian company founded in 1988 by Joseph R. Pacione with an international subsidiary in Switzerland. TacFast Systems has a proven patent history in a series of permanent yet detachable methods of attaching floor coverings: Hook and loop fastening systems; and Magnetic fastening systems. Joseph has been the primary innovator and inventor of a series of proprietary installation technologies which simplify and standardize the process of installing floor and wall coverings.

Our TacFast Technologies have been divided into three generations.

Latest Generation – MagneTile Coming soon!

● Magnetic Fastening
● All-in-One Porcelain Tile - ready to install

The first comprehensive umbrella patent for MagneTile was filed in Canada, the US and globally in December 2017, followed by another patent in December 2022. The first patent was issued in the US on March 2023, and is undergoing examination in Canada and internationally.

The MagneTile foundation patent families provide proprietary protection for 20 years from application date and with additional patent families, are expected to extend the life and protection for MagneTile for up to 30+ years.

Second Generation – TacFast® Hook Plates & Discs

● Hook & Loop Fastening
● Hook Plates and Discs attach to form 100% hook coverage on floor
● Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Wood products with 100% loop coverage on underside

TacFast® Hook Plates and Discs were developed and commercialized in the 2000s for carpets, luxury vinyl tile and wood products.

First Generation – TacFast® Carpet Hook Tape System

● Hook & Loop Fastening
● Hook Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive at perimeter & seam format
● Carpets and/or carpet tile with 100% loop coverage on underside

The first patents for TacFast Systems were applied for in 1987 for a hook and loop method of fastening for carpets and carpet tiles.

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