Generations of Simplifying the Process of Installation.


What is MagneTile?

Through innovation and precision engineering, MagneTile is a ready-to-install tile, specifically designed to methodically resolve today’s fundamental issues during the conventional installation of ceramic and porcelain tile.

A decade of extensive research and development has led to the creation of an innovative new product, eliminating 80-90% of conventional costs, time, and upheaval to install ceramic/porcelain tile.

● Magnetic Locking System

● Pre-Attached Grout

Tongue & Groove Connection

● Reinforced Porcelain Tile


        Magnetic Locking System: Permanent magnets ensure precision alignment for a secure                                                         and seamless connection during installation.

                    Pre-Attached Grout: Engineered polymeric material pre-applied to tiles eliminates                                                          the need for on-site grouting, providing uniform spacing.

Tongue & Groove Engagement: Interlocking tongue and groove design ensures a tight fit, no                                                           lippage.

          Reinforced Porcelain Tile: Tile is reinforced to withstand high ;impact, rolling, and static                                                          load, suited for residential and commercial settings.


● All-in-One product manufactured with everything required for installation of a tile    product.

● Unprecedented Savings for Consumers.

● Quickest and easiest method of tile installation – 20x to 50x faster to install than     regular tile (100 sq ft in 5 minutes).

● No upheaval or downtime – clean, safe installation.

● Installs over finished or unfinished floors - remove product and re-use with ease.